Wahoo Products Best Prices in Australia

Wahoo trainers from KickR, Core, Snap, to all other item like the new dual sided power meters, Computers like element bolt & Roam,

Basically if its wahoo we are committed and have most items in stock.

Prices Can Change at Anytime

WE understand online shopping is a part of buying a bicycle these days but we cant control the prices, our website is a catalogue and doesnt tell you what is in stock and The prices are the RRP at time we load them to the site, if you are interested in any of the bicycles on the website please call or come into the store for current prices and availability!!

We are aware of when you google a bike google saying it is in stock this is not the case it is not produced from our website stock is not listed on our website you need to call or come in to store to check this !!

We manage our own website while working full time with 2 busy children and a life outside of work we cannot be updating the website every little change that happens best to get the best service and advice from phoning and coming into store we are a local family owned business not a chain store with corporate backing like most stores these days!!

2 Stores, 1 Roof!

So its been over a month now with having closed our Belrose location, Things are going really well and we finally get some time off, no more 7 days a week! Thank you to all our loyal customers who have made the change to one store by still supporting us, we know it’s a little further to drive but you’ll still get the same great service.

Look forward to still providing the best service we can and keeping you and your bikes happy on the trails.

Thanks Adrian + Jess + Chris.

Belrose Bicycles Closing 24th January

Belrose Bicycles will live on, Just a few extra minutes to come see us on Powder Works Rd Narrabeen, Or we offer FREE pick up and delivery on all repairs and new bikes.

Phil Wood & Co Spoke Cutting and Threading Machine in Store!

Phil Wood Wpoke Machine Now In Store, We can cut and tread any spoke to any size, this is a work of art such a nice tool. You don’t see these very often in a bike shop in Australia, Nothing but the best for our customers Call us for more info 02 9452 5105 or 02 9913 8544

The Phil Wood Spoke Cutting and Threading Machine is designed and manufactured to provide an invaluable tool to manually size, cut, and place a factory-quality thread on a spoke within a few seconds. The thread is rolled/cold forged onto the spoke, which does not remove material as would occur if the thread were cut into the spoke.

The machine performs through the operation of a manual crank. One revolution of the machine handle both cuts and threads the spoke. It is designed to cut and thread 1.8 mm (15 ga.), 2.0 mm (14 ga.), 2.3 mm (13 ga.) and 2.6 mm (12 ga.) spokes and place 10 mm of 56 tpi thread on the end of each spoke. Please note: Spacers to set the machine to cut 2.3mm (13 ga) and 2.6mm (12 ga) are available, but are not offered as a standard accessory included with the machine.

Our machine is capable of cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, anodised, and powder coated spokes. Butted and aero spokes can be cut and threaded on the full diameter portion of the spoke. Please be sure to thoroughly clean your machine and dies after cutting and threading powder coated spokes.

The spoke machine die set has two surfaces for cold forging rolled threads onto a spoke. If properly maintained, each surface can roll 60,000 spokes, for a total of 120,000 spokes on a single die set. When cutting and threading standard spokes, some die sets have reached upwards of 160,000 spokes. Lubrication with Phil Tenacious Oil is recommended during the cutting and threading process, applied to the dies every 20 – 30 operations.