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This electric cargo bike is perfect for steep hills or long-distance trips and has tons of torque and responsive power output – it comes standard with a state-of-the-art Bosch eBike performance system capable of serious climbing and unparalleled range. It features a low-rider cargo rack and a 20-inch rear wheel to lower the bike’s center of gravity and provide a stable and safe platform for your payload. Add Yuba accessories like child seats, seat pads, and mini hold-on bars for the ultimate family friendly bike – and get rid of your second car!


  • A big wheel and a little wheel!
  • Bosch Performance Line CX Motor + PowerPack 400
  • Practical with the Yuba Add-On cargo system
  • Carries long, bulky and tall cargo
  • Low-rider cargo rack with 20 inch rear wheel for increased stability and load safety
  • Sturdy aluminium frame
  • Optional dual battery
  • One size frames fits most riders 5′ to 6’5” = 1.5m to 2m