Yuba Elmundo V5 Crmo Electric Bike with Bionx D Series Motor



Electrify your ride

The electric assist Yuba elMundo V5 uses the North American-made BionX electric motor and battery system with regenerative technology. Squeeze your bike’s brakes and know that your battery is loving the recharge. The system has a three-year warranty with service through a nationwide network of competent mechanics who know the system, as well as the excellent service provided by BionX itself. With this package, you’ll know that you’ve made a sound investment in an electric assist system that’s just as reliable and solid as the bike it sits on.

For the whole family

The Yuba elMundo cargo bike has always been pretty killer. It fits nearly the whole family onboard–at least two kids and one adult, and maybe more if everyone is behaving. It’s solid. And with the electric assist, your family’s range increases substantially. You’ll find you can run more errands, carry more stuff, and visit more friends. As any cargo biking family will tell you, more bike time means more fun.


What the electric assist elMundo V5 really does is hardwire awesomeness. It integrates all that was already right and makes it better, smoother, sturdier, and faster. With quality components, a great warranty, and cutting-edge bike technology, the elMundo V5 stands out in every way.