Brompton Folding Bike – M3l Deluxe Colors



Brompton Folding Bike – M3L –  with Front Carrier Block and Firm Suspension

M Type Handlebars – The distinctive shape of the M Type’s handlebars has been used on the Brompton since the out- set: the ride is more upright (height 1015mm), with excellent control, but a little heavier than the S Type (by 58g). The M Type is the all-rounder in our range, as much at home in the city as on a country lane, and with plenty of room for luggage at the front.

3 Speed (+738g) – The BSR [Brompton Standard Range] is an updated version of the classic Sturmey Archer 3spd hub gear in an aluminium alloy shell, with three

well spaced ratios. These are fully enclosed for reliability, and changing gear couldn’t be simpler; a popular choice for everyday cycling.

1st 2nd 3rd

Gear Inches 3.82 5.09 6.78

Metres Devel. 47.90 63.80 84.90

Version L – Equipped with mudguards, essential for all weather riding

Front Carrier Block – Brompton’s unique front mounting luggage system. Allows your bike to accomodate multiple front luggage options from

Brompton. Weight is carried on the main frame reducing steering impact, and luggage is attached or released in seconds.

Firm Suspension – Suited for rider weight 80kg and over, or riders wanting a more responsive ride.